I am a Northern California artist with a passion for the endless shades of color.
I started in 2011 with mixed media pieces, using found objects and various art mediums to create two and three dimensional pieces. Along the way, I discovered that fluid paint creates mesmerizing effects on a canvas, resulting in almost magical final outcomes. I use a scientific approach to preparing and manipulating the acrylic paints, either encouraging or prohibiting the colors from interacting with one another. I find this abstract process to be a meditative study in “letting things go.”

Although paint can be manipulated, pallettes can be created, and compositions can be mapped, fluid paint has a mind of its own and is constantly creating surprising patterns that even I cannot plan. Letting the paint itself be a co-creator in the final piece is a neccessary and theraputic practice. I hope the observer will find pleasure in the overall composition of the pieces, but also to be drawn in by the macro details of each area, to witness how small sections of each painting can be their own standalone work of art.